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It’s that old story: a fine here, a backlog of finance there. And when you realize, your car is fraught with debt. Check out how you can take care of the pending car and go back to sleep (and drive) quietly.

Fines that have not been paid, IPVA and delayed financing installments. The first step to eliminating the pending of the vehicle is to put in the tip of the pencil everything that is pending. It does work, but this survey is essential even to know what you will pay first and how.

Raise the debts of the vehicle

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Looking at the fines you took, did you come to the conclusion that some of them are unfair? Then you can appeal and try to shed part of your debt. To enter the appeal is simple: just write a letter and take it to your state’s traffic department to try to cancel the punishment. Just be aware of the deadline because the appeal must be made within 30 days of receiving notification of the violation.

Check if you need expert help

Do you have a team to take care of the necessary procedures to appeal a fine? Delayed the installments of the financing and are you finding the interest charged abusive? Then consider using expert help to solve your car’s problems. In the case of fines, there are companies specialized in the subject. In the case of charging for abusive interest due to delays in paying the financing, a suggestion is to seek some consumer protection body in your city that can give guidance on how best to proceed.

Search how you can pay off debts

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Now that you have raised the size of the problem, it is time to take action and seek to take the pending issues. In the case of overdue financing installments, the payment is usually made at the credit institution itself. In the case of fines, until maturity you can pay through the Traffic Infringement Notification itself. If you have missed the fine or it is past due, payment is made by the FGM at the state’s own transit department or at agreed banks. And to pay the IPVA in arrears, go to the page of the Secretariat of Finance and ask for a new guide. Payment can be made online or at the agency itself.

Negotiate the form of payment of debts

Negotiate the form of payment of debts

It’s time to look at your budget and check how you can pay off the debt. Do you have enough money to clear it? Then negotiate a discount. If you opt for the installment payment – available in the case of IPVA, for example – make sure that the value of the installment is appropriate for your monthly budget, not just the amount of your salary. Make a plan of action and include that expense next to those that are recurring in the month.

Consider selling the vehicle

You have tried but realized that the debt you have with the car can definitely not be paid with your current budget. One way out, then, may be to sell the vehicle, clear all the pending issues, and with balanced finances, give entry to another car.

The important thing is to take the situation, draw up a plan of action and not despair. Removing debts is possible. The important thing is not to do them again.

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