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However, some, at first glance, cheap financing methods prove to be expensive in retrospect. It is also the case if the financing is intended for a specific purpose, such as a building or car loan. The leasing ensures liquidity and secures the credit line with your house bank. % of credit customers take out an installment loan for a used car. Owners who have financed their car – loans and leasing – can benefit from the cancellation joker. A critique at

Auto loan 

Auto loan 

If you have discovered the vehicle of your choice, we will support you with the financing. Whether new or used vehicle, from a specialist dealer or from a private person – with our car loan you can finance your dream car quickly and easily. In practice, anyone who pays for a car in cash at a specialist dealer usually has advantages through lucrative discounts. An ID (identity card or passport) and current proof of income must be brought along for advice.

If you are of age, have a regular work income, a permanent residence in Germany and not a bad Credit Bureau entry, then the basic requirements for the approval of your car loan are given. If the car loan is approved, you will receive the amount of money in the form of an amount in your current account. To secure the loan taken out, your ownership of the vehicle remains with your Agree Bank as security.

For this you deposit the vehicle registration with us. By paying the last loan installment, the vehicle becomes your property and you also receive the vehicle registration certificate. On the basis of a fictitious loan rate, your desired loan amount and the terms you have taken over, you can use our loan calculator to calculate different financial models. All of these are not binding and exemplary.

For more information about our financial offers, interest rates and fees, please contact immoral. The credit calculation is only a consulting service provided by Agree Bank, Mayener Strasse 9, 56753 Welling, Germany, with which you can get a first overview of the credit costs. Why do I have to submit the vehicle registration to the car loan?

The financed property acts as security for the car loan drawn

The financed property acts as security for the car loan drawn

For this purpose, the vehicle registration certificate for the vehicle to be financed is deposited with your Agree Bank and kept until the end of the loan term. If the loan is not serviced properly, the loan agreement can be terminated and the object serving as security can be realized.

After paying the last credit installment, you will receive the vehicle identification and the car will be yours. What is the credibility? The degree of creditworthiness is a measure of how high the probability is that a loan from a borrower will be paid in time and in full. For BayernLB, whether and to what extent a loan can be granted depends primarily on customer creditworthiness.

It is the “protection association for general credit protection”.

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